Creating a Stress-Free Holiday

The holidays are upon us – a time of year that’s known for its busy nature that can lead to quite the load of stress.After all, you likely have several invitations to gatherings collecting on your counter, a long list of people you need to send holiday cards to, and the daunting task of braving the shopping mall crowds to find the gifts for your loved ones. Not to mention your normal everyday life.It can be overwhelming, to say the least.

I wanted to share with you some of my personal favorite ways to navigate this busy, stressful time of year and make this season a lot more enjoyable, less stressful, and a time you will remember fondly.

These secret weapons of mine include…

Put forth great effort to be present.It can be difficult, I understand.It’s almost a reflex to pick up our phones and scroll through Facebook or our email when we have a free moment – do you do the same?One way I like to dodge this is to leave my electronics in another room.Don’t even allow yourself the temptation to pick up your phone and disengage from communicating with your gathered love ones.When I’m feeling particularly scatter-brained, what really helps ground me is focusing on my senses.What do I smell?What do I hear?What do I feel?Stopping and thinking through what’s going on around you at that very moment really brings you into the present moment unlike anything else.It’s a wonderful tool to use to dial in and be present – and a great tool to use year-round, not just during the holidays!

Let go of those expectations.A lot of the stress we put on ourselves this season lies in the notion that we expect things to be perfect.That’d be lovely, of course – but when putting your entire extended family in one house something is bound to go awry.Therefore, dropping the expectations of perfection will allow you to be prepared for when something doesn’t go according to plan.There is joy to be found in each situation, so spend your energy finding gratitude in your circumstances and enjoying as much of your time as you possibly can.Tis the season!

Find time to move.It’s incredibly important to keep movement in your schedule, no matter how busy you may feel.Even if it’s just a brisk walk after lunch or dinner, make it a habit to bundle up in your favorite scarf and winter coat to go for a walk to clear your mind. Be sure that you are getting your time outside in nature, breathing in fresh air, while burning off some calories and keeping your heart rate up.

What are your favorite ways to get some movement in during the cold months? I have two favorite ways: 20 minutes of yoga stretches or putting on my favorite music and dancing it out. Post a comment and tell me about your favorite way to stay moving this season!

Set time aside for yourself because you matter! An Epsom salt bath works wonders. Put some essential oil in the diffuser and read your favorite book for an hour. Go for a walk in nature and clear your head and enjoy the earthy smells of the season.

Here are a couple of my favorite aromatherapy blends to stay grounded and nurture yourself.

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Hormone-Induced Depression – Finding Balance

When we were younger we had lots of energy, and most days we were happy and motivated to face each day. We looked forward to our future. As we age, we take on more responsibilities because we’re superwomen, right? We take care of everyone else and can fall into the rut of not making time for ourselves. We seem to never have enough time for healthy meals and enough sleep. Our bodies do the best they can to keep us healthy, but over time the lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and stress can take their toll. Maybe we start with just one deficit, but then one thing leads to another and our hormones become out of balance, and we feel like we are in a hole we can’t get out of. This can lead to hormone-induced depression.


There are many causes of depression. The type of depression that can occur during peri-menopause and menopause is due to the reduction in Estrogen. Some symptoms may include feelings of being overwhelmed, confusion, a sense of loneliness, and lack of support. Women need estrogen to increase serotonin and the number of serotonin receptors in the brain. Low estrogen levels can also affect critical thinking and short-term memory. Serotonin is a hormone that supports our sense of wellbeing and positive mood. There are many simple actions we can take to help our body increase our estrogen naturally.

If your depression is persistent and affects your ability to take care of your daily needs such as work, eating, and being social, please see your healthcare professional. You do not need to suffer!


Estrogen is produced in the ovaries until menopause. After menstruation stops our liver and adrenals take over the production of estrogen. The liver and gastrointestinal tract break down and metabolize three forms of estrogen. Estrogen breaks down into one good form, 2-hydroxyestrone, which protects against cancer. The other two forms 4-Hydroxyestrone, and 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone promote cancer. One of the simplest things you can do is eat a diet high in insoluble fiber such as green beans, peas, carrots, and seeds. The unhealthy estrogen forms will attach to the fiber and be eliminated with your feces and not reabsorbed. A healthy gut biome will also help break down the unhealthy forms of estrogen. Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and yogurt are sources of good gut bacteria.


Depression is not a sign of weakness – it means you have been strong for far too long. Put yourself first! Let others assist and support you.


  • Avoid refined sugars
  • Eliminate all artificial sweeteners
  • Eat lignin-rich fibers (flaxseed for example)
  • If you eat meat, make sure it is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and organic
  • Consider including black cohosh, B-complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, fish oil, evening primrose, and flaxseed oil in your daily supplements
  • Avoid foods that stress your adrenal glands (the glands that help you respond to stress), such as alcohol and caffeine.

Reduce Stress

  • Meditate (A great app is Meditate Me) This can be as simple as quieting your mind for 5-10 minutes, say hello, and release any thoughts that come up. If there is to much chatter in your mind, pick a mantra. It could be as simple as “I love myself” or say this affirmation from Louise Hay: “I choose to fill my life with joy.”
  • Make sure your sleep is restful. Take a media break. No electronics, TV, or phone two hours before bed.
  • Learn Tai Chi. It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner accompanied by deep breathing. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. This motion helps move your energy and stimulate all the organs that create your hormones.
  • Make your own blend of supporting essentials oils. Roll on and rub into the acupressure points around and below your knees. Another good acupressure point is along the radial artery, below your wrist where you would take your pulse. These points strengthen and uplift your Qi, or life force.


“Some days, 24 hours is too much to stay put in, so I take the day hour by hour, moment by moment. I break the task, the challenge, the fear into small, bite-size pieces. I can handle a piece of fear, depression, anger, pain, sadness, loneliness, illness. I actually put my hands up to my face, one next to each eye, like blinders on a horse.” From Regina Brett.

“Remember, it is time to take care of yourself. Let’s become the Menopause Goddesses that we were meant to be!” From Christiane Northrup, MD

“Today is going to be a really, really good day!” From Louise Hay

A good reference is Unleash the Power of the Female Brain by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.


Always buy the best quality essential oils. There are many sources now. Not all are pure, not all are handled with love. Do not use oils if the company will not provide Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry(GC/MS) reports showing they were tested for chemical content and purity.


NEVER take essential oils internally. Essential oils can cause ulceration of your internal tissues. Always dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil for external use. The essential oils are “carried” by the fat molecules in the carrier oil into your cells to absorb the essential oil safely. Carrier oils can include jojoba, olive, almond oils, aloe vera gel or juice, or natural lotion. Please use organic carrier oils whenever possible. Read the ingredient labels; know what you are putting on your skin. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. Remember essential oils are highly concentrated one drop of peppermint is equivalent to 25 cups of peppermint tea. It takes 30 pounds of lavender flowers to make 300 drops of lavender essential oil.


This information is based on research and shared for educational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose or prescribe or treat any health concerns. If you are taking any medication, pregnant or nursing you should check with your healthcare provider before adding or changing anything.

Reducing Hot flashes – Finding Balance

Hot Flash with Fan

If you’re like me, you’re wondering why you’re still having hot flashes. You may have experienced them in perimenopause as your estrogen production dropped during the transition towards menopause. Then they stopped and you thought you were home free, but darn, they came back. Have you noticed they seem to be worse when you’re tired or stressed? That’s because the adrenals, the glands that help you respond to stress, and liver are meant to naturally take over as our estrogen production decreases. If your adrenals are worn out and weak from prolonged stress they cannot help balance your estrogen levels. If your liver is inefficient due to toxic overload, then you are more likely to have one or more of the unnatural, yet common, menopause symptoms. Yes, hot flashes are unnatural! You were not meant to suffer.


Menopause is not an illness and it is normal for hormone levels to fall in middle age. When menopause happens naturally there is no need for estrogen replacement, but rather hormone balancing.

There are simple steps you can take to balance your hormones naturally and minimize or eliminate any discomfort you are having in perimenopause or menopause. Whether your body is experiencing menopause naturally or from hysterectomy, your levels of estrogen will decrease. Consider this the time to make self-care a priority. By upgrading your stress management skills, diet, and physical activity you can help your body find a new balance. Help your body rebuild its ability to take care of you so you can enjoy your best, balanced life. Some symptoms of estrogen decrease include hot flashes, insomnia, headaches, nervousness, depression, and fatigue. Hot flashes are one of the major signs you are suffering from adrenal fatigue.


If you’ve spend most of your time taking care of everyone else now is the time to make yourself the priority.


What you eat and drink has a huge impact on your hormones. Here are a few dietary changes you can make to help balance your hormones and feel better:

  • Eliminate all artificial sweeteners.
  • Include vitamins D, B, and CoQ10 in your daily supplements.
  • Avoid foods that stress your adrenals such as alcohol and caffeine.

Reduce Stress

  • Breathe.
  • oBreathe in to the count of four, hold the breath to the count of four, exhale slowly to the count of four.
  • Say this affirmation from Louise Hay:
  • I am balanced and peaceful in all changes of cycles, and I bless my body with love.
  • Take a walk in nature.
  • Our natural environment is very calming. If you live in a hot climate walk early in the morning or later in the afternoon when it is cool. Breathe in the fresh air, look around and see the beauty of nature, hear the sounds, smell the flowers, and think of at least three things in your life you are grateful for.
  • Make your own spa treatment of essentials oils to spritz over your hot spots—neck, face, tummy, and lower back—when you need a refreshing cool down. Store your spray in the fridge for even more cooling.

“I don’t have hot flashes, I have power surges!”


2 oz. spray bottle
1 oz. spring water
1 oz. organic Aloe Vera juice
3 drops Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum ct linalool)
3 drops Cape Chamomile (Eriocephalus punctulatus) or Clary Sage    (Salvia sclarea)
3 drop Grapefruit (Citrus paradise) if steam distilled is not photo-toxic
3 drops Cornmint (Mentha arvensis) or Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)
3 drops Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens var. roseum)

Remember to laugh.

Humor from Erma Bombeck

I’m trying very hard to understand this generation. They have adjusted the timetable for childbearing so that menopause and teaching a sixteen-year-old how to drive a car will occur in the same week.

“NIGHT SWEATS” from Florence King

Let’s not forget the menopausal blessings of thrift. My heating bill has gone down by more than half over the last few years. So much, in fact, that a compassionate soul from the utility company called me last winter to see if I was in dire economic straits. “If you’ve had financial difficulties we can enroll you in our special payment plan,” she said. “I haven’t had financial difficulties, I’ve had the Change. My hot flashes keep me warm now. I’ve turned into my own furnace.”

Remember, it is time to take care of yourself. Let’s become the Menopause Goddesses we were meant to be!

A good reference is The Wisdom of Menopause, by Christiane Northrup, M.D.


Always buy the best quality essential oils. There are many sources now. Not all are pure, not all are handled with love. Do not use oils if the company will not provide Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry(GC/MS) reports showing they were tested for chemical content and purity.


NEVER take essential oils internally. Essential oils can cause ulceration of your internal tissues. Always dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil for external use. The essential oils are “carried” by the fat molecules in the carrier oil into your cells to absorb the essential oil safely. Carrier oils can include jojoba, olive, almond oils, aloe vera gel or juice, or natural lotion. Please use organic carrier oils whenever possible. Read the ingredient labels, know what you are putting on your skin. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. Remember essential oils are highly concentrated one drop of peppermint is equivalent to 25 cups of peppermint tea. It takes 30 pounds of lavender flowers to make 300 drops of lavender essential oil.


This information is based on research and shared for educational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose or to prescribe or treat any health concerns. If you are taking any medication, pregnant or nursing you should check with your healthcare provider before adding or changing anything.

How hormones affect your energy and weight

Are willpower and self-control the real solution to low energy and high weight?

Maybe not.

It might actually be your (powerful) hormones.

And we’re not just talking about sex hormones here; we’re talking about the hormones that directly affect your blood sugar, metabolism, and appetite. Things that actually control your energy and weight.

Let’s go over a few of the critical links between your hormones, and how they affect your energy and weight. The links may be stronger than you think.


Having healthy, happy hormones is all around the “health waves” these days.

And for good reason! Your hormones are part of the master control system of your entire body.

Hormones are compounds made by one part of the body that are used to communicate with another part. For example, insulin is made in the pancreas. When your blood sugar gets too high, insulin is released into the bloodstream. Then, it goes to your muscles and other cells to tell them to absorb that sugar out of the blood (and if there is still too much blood sugar, it signals to store it as fat).

Your hormones control not only your blood sugar, but also your metabolism and appetite (plus a host of other things). And you probably know that having healthy blood sugar, metabolism and appetite is a foundation for your optimal energy and weight.

So, how can your hormones get out of whack to zap your energy and pile up the pounds?


In optimal health, your hormones would work great, and you’d have ample energy and be a good healthy weight.

But often there are problems with this whole setup. One common issue is that there may be too much or too little hormone released to have the desired effect. This is known as hypo- or hyper- “hormone” (i.e. hypo- or hyperthyroidism).

Another common issue is that, even if the right amount of hormone is released, the cells they communicate with can start ignoring them. This is known as hormone “resistance” (i.e. insulin resistance).

As you can imagine, if your hormones have such critical jobs, including controlling blood sugar, metabolism and appetite, they can definitely cause issues with your energy and weight.


Your metabolism is key for controlling your energy. Metabolism itself is basically how much energy (calories) you burn. One of the main players of this is…you guessed it! Your thyroid hormones.

Your thyroid releases hormones that affect the metabolism of all the cells in your body. If it’s too low and your metabolism goes down (hypothyroid), you may feel cold, hungry and tired. If it’s too high and your metabolism is too fast (hyperthyroid), you may feel hot, jittery and lose weight.

What you actually want is an ideal metabolism, ideal energy use, ideal temperature, and an ideal weight. Your thyroid hormones are the master controller here.


Your weight may be controlled by hormones more than you think! Insulin controls your blood sugar, and whether that sugar is going to be stored as fat or not. And when your blood sugar is too low, you may start craving sugar and carbs.

You also have hormones that control your appetite! How hungry and how full you feel are controlled by the hormones ghrelin & leptin. When those get out of whack, you may find yourself wanting to eat because your body thinks you’re hungry and not satisfied…even if that’s not true.

And craving food (especially sugary ones) and not feeling full are going to be huge drives for you to eat more. Even if your body doesn’t truly need it, the hormonal signals tell you that you do.

And don’t forget that stress hormone cortisol. When it’s too high for too long, it tells your body to store fat. And not just any fat – belly fat!


Your body is very complex and uses hormones to control a huge number of functions. They control your blood sugar, metabolism, and appetite, amongst others. And these directly affect how much energy you feel, how much you weigh, and even where your body fat is stored.

Here are a few “hormone stabilizing” tips that might help you with your energy and weight:

  • Get regular exercise to use up excess blood sugar before your insulin has your body store it as fat
  • Try stress-relieving activities like deep breathing, meditation or even coloring to reduce your (belly-fat inducing) cortisol
  • Support your thyroid by eliminating dairy, eggs and gluten and eating more fresh and lightly steamed vegetables, including sea vegetables
  • Balance your blood sugar with extra fiber from raspberries, avocados, or flax seeds
  • Reduce blood sugar spikes by replacing your juice or soda with herb-infused water
  • If you need some support with your energy levels and/or weight, contact me (your health coach) for a strategy session to see how I can help you.


Join me for the next 21 Day Hormone Balance Detox Live Group September 11, 2017.                                     Email for more information and how to join.


Nature’s Collaboration with Spring

Spring is a time of new growth, of coming out from under the cover of winter and showing your beautiful colors and fragrances. I love this time of year!

This year has opened up so many opportunities and new beginnings and I want to share them with you and share one of the people that I have been collaborating with. As part of my growth as a business person, health coach and aromatherapist, I set 2017 to be the year that I work on my personal branding and building my online community (yes, that’s you!) I love sharing my gifts as an aromatherapist and health coach with you and have some amazing programs in the works to offer you online this year. But first I needed to jazz up my image a bit. I hired a friend, collaborator and fellow health enthusiast, Denise Faddis.

Denise has worked as a professional in the creative industry for over 15 years She is an entrepreneur, photographer, writer, and digital graphic artist. Her latest venture is Creative Partner Consulting. There she partners with individuals and teams that are looking for a creative, organized, reliable, and positive partner ready to assist them with a range of creative services. Although her portfolio showcases a wide range of creative work, the unifying characteristic is her love for finding and showcasing the beauty she sees in life. The biggest compliment she often receives time and again is “you see me”, whether that’s photographing people, writing an about page for a small business owner, or creating a logo for a client. Denise is a curious and kind observer with a true need to show others the beauty she sees in them. You can find her work at   Start following Denise on Facebook too.

What you might not know about Denise is that she is excited about health and wellness too! I would like to share one of Denise’s blog posts today. It is truly inspiring and captures what I love as well, Health & Wellness. Thank you Denise for all that you share with the world and all that you are becoming in your partnerships with others. Keep spreading the love! Start following Denise on Facebook too.


Over the years I’ve become more committed to my health and more mindful about what I put into my body. That commitment has developed because of a few health issues I’ve had and wanted to remedy. Below are 20 tips I’ve learned and incorporated into my life. I hope you find them helpful. 🙂 Also, these steps don’t need to happen all at once. I’ve slowly incorporated these tips as I’ve learned them, mostly over the last 6 years. Taking it a step at a time until it becomes habit works well.

1. Adhere to the 80/20 rule so you stay motivated and don’t feel deprived or rigid. 80% healthy choices, 20% indulgences. I eat really healthy but I also dine out now and again and eat whatever I want, including having a glass of wine with dinner or a beer or two. It’s all about balance in my book.

2. Celebrate and keep track of what you’re doing right, rather than focusing on what you’re doing wrong. The more you track and appreciate the good habits in your life the more likely you are to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Read this blog for inspiration if you’re interested.

3. Incorporate a daily or weekly shot of Apple Cider Vinegar into your routine. You can read about a few of the benefits here. I add my shot to my daily protein shake, it helps to mask the taste. The more you drink it, the less strong the taste is. Another great way to add it to your diet is as a salad dressing. If you’re ready to give it a try, I would suggest Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.

4. Consider your body’s PH Balance, and eat to keep your body on the more alkaline side. Here is a great article on PH Balance and a wonderful graphic that lists foods to choose and foods to limit.


5. If at all possible choose organic and Non-GMO products.

6. Limit your meat intake to once a day or less, and choose chicken, turkey, and fish over beef and pork when possible. If possible, purchase free-range and organic products.

7. Increase vegetable intake. A great way to do this is to make baked/roasted vegetables daily.  Roasted vegetables are so good and easy. I roast zucchini, squash, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, beets… you name it! Baking pan, cover with parchment paper, add sliced veggies, top with some yummy vinegar and spices (I love Pinot Grigio White Wine Vinegar and chili flakes) and bake at around 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes depending. You can add baked veggies to rice and bean bowl, use as a side dish, or just have alone. If you love dipping veggies like I do, do it. Just make good choices on what you dip them in. Even ranch dressing can be okay (80/20 remember?) if you be sure to buy all natural ranch — look for No Trans Fat, NO Preservatives, and No MSG. So important, and most dressings are loaded with those 3 offenders. Or try making your own creamy dips like hummus or greek yogurt and spices.

8. Get processed sugar, and products with it, out of your house and just stop eating them. Here is a great article with tips on quitting processed sugar.  Most people are addicted to sugar because mainstream products, fast foods, and commercials are purposely geared towards getting people addicted to sugar. Once you get it out of your system you will realize how addicted you had been, and find that a regular piece of quality fruit like an apple or orange is all the sweet you need and it tastes amazing.

9. Stop drinking soda/pop. Just don’t. It has no nutritional value what-so-ever and is horrible for your body, teeth, and system. Diet Soda is loaded with aspartame and fake sweeteners that are even worse than regular sodas.

10.  Ultimately, just stop eating any foods that you see advertisements for. Soda, candy, pop tarts, mainstream dressings, cookies, chips (stick to all natural blue tortilla chips that are baked, the ones made with chia seeds are great), mainstream peanut butter, mainstream ketchup…all that shit is loaded with sugar and preservatives. Purchase healthy alternatives that don’t have added sugars and use natural products. There are some awesome ketchup, dressings, and nut butter (almond and peanut) products that you can now even find at big box grocery stores. Companies that you see advertising on TV have a ton of money to do so because they make inferior, unhealthy products and have grown their empires on encouraging and brainwashing people to make bad choices.

11. Speaking of advertising (number 10) start to be aware of how you’re being advertised to and gently coerced into your purchasing decisions. Watch commercials with a keen eye — are they playing on your emotions (Jiff: “choosy moms choose Jiff!”,  L’Oréal: “Because You’re Worth It”, BMW: “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, “De Beers: “A Diamond is Forever”, “Dunkin’ Donuts: “America Runs on Dunkin”) are they softly manipulating you into feeling connected to their brand by the emotion they are provoking, the music they are playing (you can bet your ass that if the music they are using is from your childhood, you are exactly the target market they are advertising to). If you want a good way to tell if the advertising team that was paid thousands to figure out how to “connect” with you is doing their job, try watching tv when you’re having a bad day. Did you and your kid have a difficult morning? You might just find yourself looking for Jiff peanut butter to create the tender moment you saw on the commercial. Or maybe your job isn’t feeling very fulfilling, maybe if you just bought a fancy new car you would feel better about going to work?! Haha, that’s what they are counting on you feeling like. Once you become aware of how they are manipulating you into purchasing their products you will be more likely to be immune to it. After all, a new expensive car payment or sugary treat is not going to be a long-term fix, I promise. And ultimately purchasing products that you don’t need creates a cycle of debt, that creates the feeling of being stuck in a job you hate to pay the bills, and all those feelings can leave you unhappy and ready for another sweet or salty treat to make you feel better about your life. Yuck.

12. Stay hydrated and consider taking a daily probiotic.

13. If you’re having issues with specific health issues (acne, bloat, gut problems, etc.) keep a food diary so you can figure out what’s causing it. I finally realized the connection in my body between dairy and acne, it was a game changer. I still break out now and again, but that’s because I still choose to eat cheese now and again and have other contributing factors. But overall, that discovery has helped my skin feel so much better.

14. Consider moving away from cows milk and trying almond or coconut milk. Cows milk can be full of horomones.

15. Cut down on your caffeine intake and see how you feel after a week and what benefits you might enjoy. It’s fine to have caffeine now and again but if you can’t function without it, you might need to cut down.

16. Get products out of your house that are full of chemicals, this article has a great list. 

17. Purchase natural products for your body (shampoos, lotions, make-up etc.) that don’t have chemicals like Parabens and Fragrance. This article has some good info.  And WOMEN, please don’t use products like bleached tampons (all the mainstream companies you find in big box stores that you see commercials for).  Find an all-natural alternative, there are lots of good ones on the market! Please tell your daughters too.

18. Give Oil Pulling a try. You can read about it here. I oil pull a few times a week and have had less plaque and excellent dental checkups. Both my husband and I love the way it’s improved our overall oral health. I like to add a little all natural lemon essential oil to my oil now and again. Another great routine to consider is dry brushing. It’s better than caffeine to get your body stimulated and awake. Here’s a great article on dry brushing.

19. If you want a sweet treat, try a small piece of quality dark chocolate (70-85% cocoa). Here are a few benefits.  If you are accustomed to fake and milk chocolate, dark chocolate will taste bitter at first, but when you cut down on your sugar intake you will discover how delicious real dark chocolate is. Another great dessert is a bowl of sliced berries and a dash of balsamic vinegar.

20. I love trying new recipes but a great way to stay consistent with good healthy meal choices is to add a few mainstays to your weekly routine. That way you will learn them well enough that purchasing the items at the grocery store and preparing the meal, will be easy and fast.

Here is a list of meals I make regularly:
(all products used are organic — yes, it’s often more expensive to purchase organic products but what’s your health worth to you? Consider it an investment in feeling better and quality of life. If you cook at home more and try these ideas, I promise you can make them almost as affordable as non organic meals)

Homemade Chicken soup —  chicken breasts or thighs, bone broth, chicken broth, celery, mushrooms, onions. carrots, spices. This is such and easy recipe, so good for you and tastes amazing. I make it weekly — it’s great to have on hand for lunches or dinner all week.

Zucchini pasta or Spaghetti Squash with Marinara or Homemade red sauce –– If you don’t have a veggie pasta maker, called spiralizers, get one ASAP. You can get a great one for under $10. 🙂 Here is a good list. 


Baked Spaghetti Squash

Brown Rice (or Farrow) and Bean and Veggie bowl — so easy and so good. You could add chicken or turkey sausage now and again if you like. I love to use brown rice, black beans, grilled squash, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes (I often used canned tomatoes so it’s easy), slice pineapple, cilantro, and sunflower seeds.

Toast with Avocado and fried or hard boiled egg — pretty straight forward.

Baked chicken with chopped celery and mandarin oranges — I love this dish and it’s so easy. In baking dish place chicken breasts, chopped celery, a pour in a can of mandarin oranges and the juice in the can. Add salt and pepper and a lid full of balsamic vinegar. That’s it, it’s so good and great with a side of couscous or salad.

Baked Salmon Salad — pretty straight forward and you can add seasonal chopped veggies and fresh blueberries.

Cauliflower rice, pizza crust, and bread here are a few recipes.

Turkey Burger Stuffed Peppers with green beans and mushrooms

Shake: kale, blueberries, flax seed, almond milk, cinnamon, turmeric, apple cider vinegar shot, and Sara Gottfried’s reset 360 All-In-One shake powder

Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, and Sunflower Seeds make a great snack.

Energizing Juice: celery, cilantro, jalapeños, pineapple, spirulina powder, and water

21. Finally, and maybe most importantly, find peace in joy in the present moment (I’m a fan of Eckhart Tolle’s teaching and enjoy his guided meditations) Get outside and get your body moving if possible. I also love yoga and one of my favorites is Yoga with Adriene.

Reboot & Energize in 5 Minutes

OK, get up out of your chair right now!

Actually… you can start this sitting down if you need to. It’s up to you!

Either way, what you’re about to do is going to be fun. And in 5 minutes, you’re going to reboot your system for more energy than you have right now. Sound good?

“Angela, what are you talking about?”

I’m talking about 5 simple, short moves to do right this minute that will clear your mind, wake your body up, give you more energy and reboot your system.

Need proof? You’ll have it in 5 minutes. Don’t give yourself time to think about it… just do it, and you’ll see what I mean!

Oh, and grab a watch or timer (or just count to yourself). Here we go!

Angela’s 5 Minute Energy Reboot

First Minute: Jog in Place


I like to call this the Standing Trot. That’s because a trot is easy, and that’s the point — you shouldn’t be overdoing it.

If you’re getting hot, it’s not a trot.

We’re waking ourselves up, not wearing ourselves out! Just a nice, easy trot for 1 minute. That’s the ticket.

Modification: You don’t even have to stand!

Do it seated. Move your legs and arms like you’re running while seated upright in a chair. If you feel silly while doing this, just keep going anyway.  Have a chuckle about it if you need to. Heck, I do all the time!

Alright, when the clock strikes one minute, let’s hop into the second energy-reboot move!

Second Minute: Classic Crunches


If your abs are stronger, you’ll stay young longer.

A strong core is essential to maintaining mobility and eliminating back pain.

Lay on your back with your spine straight and your knees bent and focus on lifting your head and shoulders up with your abs — you don’t need to sit all the way up.

Modification: If regular crunches bother your back, try a supported crunch instead…just rest your calves on a chair or bench with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Do crunches in this position to ease pressure on your spine.

Alright, two minutes down!

Now, on to the next energy-reboot move.

There were only two exercises you needed to do if you wanted to work all your muscle groups: 1) Pushups or planks; 2) Squats.

And these are your next two moves…

Third Minute: Simple Plank


Planks are great because they engage all your muscles at once… yet don’t require any movement!

To do a plank, simply get into a “push up” position (top of the push up) and hold it. Keep your back straight, abs pulled in, hands directly below the shoulders, arms straight.

DON’T WORRY: It is very normal not to be able to hold a plank for a full minute without stopping. So, take several breaks if you need them! Again, we’re just recharging here.

Modification: If you need to take some weight off, lower your knees to the ground. Just make sure to keep your upper body engaged and straight.


This was the famous healthy and exercise icon Jack LaLanne’s #1 favorite exercise: squats.

Fourth Minute: Essential Squats


I do squats every morning and every night to strengthening my lower body & core at the same time.

Here’s how to do squats the right way:

Stand with your feet a little wider than hips distance apart, parallel to one another. Inhale, engage your abs, and slowly bend your knees – keeping your chest forward and head lifted.

Bend as deeply as your mobility will allow, then return to standing by engaging your glutes. Do as many repetitions as you can in one minute, focusing on keeping your legs parallel and your abs engaged the whole time!

Alright, 4 minutes gone! Last minute…

Fifth Minute: Meditation


You thought it was going to be another move, didn’t you? Nope!

You’re done moving…  so let’s bring your heart rate back down.  Now that your body and brain are awake, it’s time to sweep away the mental clutter.

And don’t skip this step. It is vital to reboot your mind and body!

Start by either sitting straight or lying on your back, and focus on breathing in deeply… and breathing out and releasing. You’re relaxing your body with each exhale…

Whenever your mind starts to wander… let the thought go and focus back on your breath.  After a minute, you’ll be refreshed, alert, and energized…

Alright, 5 minutes up! How do you feel? Clearer? Awake?

Welcome back to the land of the alert. Your reboot is complete. I hope you had fun.

Use this routine any time you need to reboot and boost your energy. I know I do!

And stay tuned to this Newsletter/Blog for plenty more handy day-to-day tricks like this. You can visit my website for a look at other programs I offer to help you get the maximum benefits of health and wellness. Join me by visiting or 

Looking to see you SHINE…

Healthy Eating on the Go


How to fuel your body for better health and more energy 

even when you have a crazy busy schedule.

One of the biggest struggles that most people face today is a hectic schedule, especially during the holiday season.

We’re so busy that it makes eating healthy a real challenge. Quick and convenient foods end up taking the place of healthy, nourishing food when we’re on the go, go, go all the time.  These less-than-ideal food choices put us on the hamster wheel of experiencing low energy, weight gain, and potential health problems.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be this way? You don’t have to be a slave to your schedule and resort to fast food or processed foods on a regular basis.

It’s possible to eat healthy foods, even with a jam-packed schedule. It just requires a little bit of pre-planning to ensure success. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and your waistline will thank you too.

When you start fueling your body with healthier choices, you’ll probably also find that you don’t have that 3 PM slump or need that afternoon caffeine boost. (These are a couple of added benefits many of my clients experience, and they’re always pleasantly surprised).

I’ve included a list of healthy snack ideas to get you started, so keep reading.

Eating Healthy When You’re Not Home

There are plenty of circumstances that will take you away from home, and make it more challenging to eat healthy food. Take the time to plan ahead and you can relax knowing that you won’t be derailing your healthy living efforts by consuming empty calories that only make you hungry again a short time later.

Daily Errands and/or Kid’s Activities

Most of us spend several hours in our vehicles every week running errands, stuck in traffic or shuttling kids back and forth between activities. If we don’t plan ahead, it is easy to fall into the trap of swinging through the closest drive through when you (or your family) are hungry.

Don’t wait until the point that you’re starving to make food choices, as this will almost always lead to bad decisions. Instead, plan ahead, so you don’t have to rely on your willpower alone to keep you on track. Pack easy to carry healthy snacks, and keep them in either your purse or your vehicle. This way you always have healthy choices right at your fingertips.

Road Trips

Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you should take a total hiatus from your health goals. You can still live a healthy lifestyle on road trips by packing healthy foods to eat in the car. You can pack a cooler to keep handy so you have easy access to snacks while on the road. If you’re planning on stopping at rest areas along the way, pack a nutritious picnic lunch to eat before you head back out on the next leg of your trip.


Even though you can’t pack liquids in your carry-on bag, there are still plenty of options for what you can bring. You can pack wrapped whole food snack bars, nuts, seeds or even pieces of fruit in your personal items bag. With a little creative planning, you can keep your nutrition on track, and save yourself a bundle of money you would have otherwise spent on pricey (and often unhealthy) airport food and snacks.

Foods That Are Easy to Pack

The following items are all easy to prepare, and convenient to take on the go. Feel free to experiment, and find out which snacks best fit your preference and lifestyle. Mix and match options to see what works for you.  Be sure to keep any perishable foods in a cooler or use an ice pack.

  • Baby carrots and cucumber slices with hummus
  • Sliced or whole apples with nut butter or sun butter
  • Clementine or mandarin oranges
  • Grapes
  • Sliced or whole pears
  • Smoothie (if you plan to drink it within 30 mins or so)
  • Nuts and raisins (you can make your own trail mix)
  • Pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and/or sunflower seeds
  • Whole Food Snack Bars (such as Larabar)
  • Sandwiches or wraps
  • String cheese or cheese cubes
  • High quality beef jerky
  • Cut-up rotisserie chicken (keep cool with an ice pack)
  • Hard boiled eggs

Make the Most of Technology

Almost everyone has a smartphone with them at any given time. You can use this readily available technology to your advantage. Keep your food choices healthy when you’re on the go by utilizing apps that make healthy living easier.

“Healthy Out” is a handy app to keep your nutrition on track when eating out. You can search by tags like meals under 500 calories, paleo, heart healthy, and more. Download the app for iOS or Android to find restaurant meals that fit your needs.

If anyone in your family is gluten intolerant, it may be a challenge to find restaurants that serve gluten-free meals. You can use the app called “Find Me Gluten Free” to help find restaurants with gluten free offerings in your vicinity.

Make Midweek Meals Easy

Just because you have had a busy day doesn’t mean you have to resort to fast food or processed foods for dinner. With a little forethought, you can make sure your family has healthy meals ready to go when you walk in the door.

With the advent of Pinterest, you now have thousands of healthy crockpot meal ideas available for free. Do a quick search and see what recipes may interest you and your family. If you prep everything the night before, or even earlier in the morning, you can come home to a delicious home-cooked meal that is ready to serve.

Other helpful website for crockpot recipe ideas is and

TIME SAVER TIP:  Cook Once, Eat Twice! Batch cook and plan for leftovers. When you do have time to cook, simply double the recipe and set the extras aside to use later in the week on a particularly busy day. It takes very little extra effort to double the recipe, and you will reap the benefits of time savings later in the week.

Make Healthy Eating Strategies Work for You

Even with a busy schedule, you can still make sure that you are eating healthy, nutritious meals. By putting in a little bit planning, you can ensure that you and your family enjoy healthy foods that support your lifestyle and your goals.

You can do this!  Let me know if I can help.


Hi, I’m Angela Sidlo, an Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach. I’m also a Certified Reflexologist and Holistic Aromatherapist with a thriving practice on the Oregon Coast. My commitment to helping you reach your health and wellness goals is what my business is all about. Please feel free to contact me about a program tailored to your specific needs and goals. email: Websites: or I look forward to working with you.

5 Steps to Making the Perfect Salad

My husband always asks me, “Is salad a meal?” To that I say, “Hell YES!” And I’ll show you just how to make salad something you CRAVE! My standard for a healthy meal is PFF – Protein, Fat and Fiber. Build a salad with these 5 tips and salad IS a meal!

The past 21 days I have eaten a pound of vegetables a day as I guide an Awesome group of women through a Hormone Balance Detox program I put together. Salads have really become a welcome part of my day so I’m excited to share with you what goes into the perfect salad and how to find variety and nutrient density in salads.

  1. Start with a Leafy Base – Find seasonal greens at your local farmers market or cooperative grocery. Kale, spinach, arugula, romaine, red leaf, firsee, sorrel and swiss chard are all great choices. If some of those sound foreign to your palate, go out on a limb and try something new.
  2. Pick Healthy Fats – Avocados, coconut or olives add richness and nuts and seeds like sprouted sunflower, sprouted pumpkin, almonds, walnuts, cashews, hemp heart seeds and pecans, add a healthy crunch packed with key minerals and nutrients.
  3. Add Herbs & Sprouts – Pea shoots, sunflower sprouts and alfalfa sprouts take nutrient density to a new level. I call it “Nutrition Addition”. Adding herbs like cilantro, dill, mint or lemon thyme kick the flavor up a notch too.
  4. Eye Popping Extras – I always tell my clients to eat from the rainbow. Include vibrant colored fruits and veggies in your salads. Red Cabbage, beets, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, blueberries, apples, pears and strawberries.
  5. Dress it all UP – the sky is the limit when it comes to salad dressings but keep it simple with good quality ingredients.Use good fats like extra virgin olive oil, tahini, miso paste, dijon mustard, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and sea salts. I have several “go to” salad dressings that I will share.

ALWAYS select the best quality ingredients. Choose non GMO, organic foods. the fresher the better. I love my local coop grocery store!

Make your own salad dressings. Store bought dressings are loaded with sugar, bad fats and chemicals which defeats the purpose of eating a really nutrient dense healthy salad, right?! It’s quick and easy to make your own and if you make a few at once and store them in the fridge, you always have a nice variety.

If you are a meat eater slice some grilled chicken, shrimp, smoked salmon or hard boiled egg on top.

The Recipes

Avocado Dressing

I love this dressing tossed with roasted root veggies img_1757

1 avocado

1 clove garlic chopped

juice of 1 lime

1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

Blend all ingredients in a blender

Store in refrigerator

Lemon Dijon Dressing

I love this dressing on poached salmon or halibut            img_2081

1/4 cup lemon juice

3/4 cup olive oil

2 T dijon mustard

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

blend or whisk vigorously

(sometimes I add a bit of tumeric to this as well for anti-inflammatory)

Yogurt dressing

I love this dressing on spinach greens with walnuts and strawberries

IMG_18601 cup plain unsweetened sheep, goat or greek yogurt

juice of 1 lemon

2T chopped nuts (I like walnuts, hazelnuts or pistachios)

1/4 tsp sea salt

1 T maple syrup

Blend and refrigerate


For more recipes and tips of healthy living click HERE and sign up for the newsletter.


Life’s too short – Eat Dessert First!

I know you are probably thinking, “What the heck is a Health Coach pushing desserts for?” Right??!! Well I’m very much a fan of dessert so I wanted to share one of my new favorites. You see, if and when I indulge in dessert I want to make absolutely sure that it is full of good-for-you ingredients. So when I was getting ready for house guests (who are also Health Coaches), I wanted to have something extra healthy AND delicious.

Dairy-Free Raspberry Cheesecake

from Even More Delightfully Free by Tracy Hill

Makes 1  9 inch pie

4 cups raw unsalted cashews

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted

1/2 cup raw honey

3/4 tsp liquid stevia

1 1/2 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup plus 1 tsp fresh lemon juice

1/4 plus 1/8 tsp sea salt

1 cup fresh raspberries or 2 cups frozen, thawed + fresh raspberries to garnish

Measure 4 cups of cashews and soak them in 3 1/2 cups filtered water overnight. This allows the nuts to soften and give a much creamier texture. Rinse and drain well. Place on paper towel and pat dry.

Put the nuts in a blender with all ingredients EXCEPT the raspberries. Blend on high for 1-2 minutes, scraping the sides occasionally, until soft and creamy. Pour half of the mixture into the pie dish. Add the raspberries to the blender with the remainder of the mixture and blend until smooth. Fill the rest of the pie dish up. Cover and refrigerate for at least 8 hours. Garnish and serve.

Optional Garnish: Shavings of dark chocolate or a raspberry glaze.

Sweet Nut Crust

from Even More Delightfully Free by Tracy Hill

Makes 1  9 inch crust

1 cup plus 2 T brown rice flour

2 T Tapioca flour

1/2 cup almond flour

1 tsp sea salt

1 1/4 tsp xanthan gum

1/4 cup plus 2 T coconut oil, melted

1/4 cup coconut nectar

1/2 tsp liquid stevia

1 T cold water

1/3 cup finely chopped almonds

1/3 cup finely chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush a 9” pie plate with grapeseed oil. In a medium bowl, whisk flours, almond meal, salt xanthan gum together. Add the coconut oil. Mix well, using a large spoon, taking time to press and stir dough until it becomes consistently moist. Add the coconut nectar, stevia and water. Stir until well combined. Stir in nuts and knead dough a couple of times with your hands. Turn dough into the prepared pie plate. Pre-bake 16-18 minutes until the edges turn golden brown. Cool completely on a cooling rack.

My guests were delighted and so was my husband. We enjoyed a healthy meal and healthy dessert along with a kombucha toast to future Health & Wellness.

img_1977   If you want to learn more about Health & Wellness visit my website and learn how we can work together.

Summertime Hormone Balance Recipes you will LOVE!

August 23rd, 2016

In the past two years I have spent a considerable amount of time learning to listen to my body, to try to understand and piece together the process of how body, mind and spirit communicate seamlessly in an ongoing, ever evolving symphony of maintaining homeostasis. Sometimes these observations are an internal “knowing” and sometimes I discover something by observing external signs in my environment. What I’ve discovered is that our hormones drive all of our bodily functions as well as our emotions and if they are not balanced, the navigation system that takes us through life is very disjointed.

Recently I planned a cooking class for students who wanted to learn how to eat better and keep unruly hormones in check. I was on my way to the Coop Grocery to pick up some supplies for the class. As I crossed the bridge into town, the tide was out and various flocks of birds were on the tidal flats foraging for food. I watched them and realized they were part of the natural order and foraging for food, reproducing and raising their young was their sole purpose in life. Following that train of thought in the midst of planning my cooking class made me realize that as a culture we no longer forage for what sustains us. We rely on huge agricultural businesses and an elaborate transportation system to bring food to us and place it in delightfully appealing displays in air-conditioned supermarkets. The process is void of anything closely related to the natural order. Small children think milk comes from cartons because they have never been to a farm to see a cow being milked. Recently, a local grade school boy was introduced to an eggplant in a food education class. He innocently exclaimed, “Wow, I always wondered where eggs come from!”

I decided that I wanted to take my class to a different level, to get more than a bunch of recipes and a great meal. It was important that they have a connection to the food, to know what it was doing for their bodies so that they could make good decisions when shopping for nourishing foods to balance hormones. I also wanted them to learn to reconnect with the earth in a way that put them back in the flow with nature. We did a garden tour around my raised beds before class and foraged for tender greens of lettuce, chard, kale and spinach along with herbs of lemon balm, calendula petals, lemon verbena, nasturtium flowers, sorrel leaves and violet blossoms. Butterflies fluttered among us and bees buzzed around. Birds chirped as we foraged, reconnecting with a part of us that has been forgotten, lost in our daily routines. The salad was amazingly beautiful and had a savory taste of a connection to earth, rekindled.

Today I will share with you how that class brought land and sea together to create a beautiful hormone balancing meal, foraging in the garden for tender greens and herbs, sharing stories and laughter and connection with others as we all navigate this beautiful life that we are given. Enjoy the recipes and feel free to share them and to comment.

Side note: A word about MCT oil. You will see Medium Chain Triglyceride, known as MCT oil used or suggested in several of the recipes. Some of you may think, what the heck is MCT oil. I know I did when I first saw it. MCT is derived from coconut and palm kernel oil. It is an oil that is more easily and rapidly digested than other fats. They require lower amounts of enzymes and bile acids for intestinal absorption. MCT oil is metabolized very quickly in the liver thus giving you more energy and less storage as fat. This oil also has a high heat tolerance so you can sauté with it. This amazing oil boosts metabolism and turns into energy not fat in your body. Cool right? I love this oil! A word of caution though, introduce MCT oil slowly into your diet. If you go gung-ho at first it can cause a stomach ache.

Let’s start hormone balance by dialing down on the caffeine! Caffeine hijacks cortisol and leaves you feeling very tired before the day is over and doesn’t allow you to recuperate and restore your energy reserves at night. Alas you wake up tired, grab a cuppa to get started in the morning and begin the cycle all over again. Here is a recipe that will not only get you off caffeine but help detox your liver too. Dandelion root helps to detox the hepatic system.

Better than Coffee – Dandy Blend Latte

2 T dandy blend beverage powder (found in health food stores)

2 cups hot water

2 T ghee or coconut oil or MCT oil

2 pitted dates or 2 drops liquid stevia

dash of nutmeg

Place all ingredients except nutmeg in blender and hit puree. Pour into 2 mugs and sprinkle with nutmeg. This delicious drink will have you off coffee in no time.

Often times when hormones are not balanced we get cravings. I know I do. When those cravings hit it makes us angry and irritable. When this happens, take a moment to stop and listen to what may be deeper. Breathe deeply and go below the surface and listen. Are you thirsty and your body is asking for hydration? Are you tired and your body is asking for more energy? Are you searching for spiritual nurturing? These can all be the root of cravings. If you are just down right HUNGRY here is a recipe that can sustain you until you figure out the rest of it. Cashew butter protein balls are loaded with nutrient density. A handful of cashews is equal to a dose of Prozac for depression. Yes that’s right cashews help stave off depression. Full of good fats, they help support brain health.


photo by Angela Sidlo

Cashew Butter Protein Balls

Makes 12

3/4 cup raw cashews, soaked overnight

2 T coconut oil, melted or MCT oil

1/3 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

1/3 cup almond flour

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

2 T water

1/2 cup dried chopped cranberries or cherries

Drain the cashews, place all ingredients in food processor and blend until cashews are chopped and smooth and mixture has stiffened. Form into balls and place in freezer.

Hormone balance using root vegetables helps keep insulin levels in check, boost progesterone and metabolizes estrogen. This delicious summer salad will have you coming back for seconds on salad! Juicy ripe peaches on the grill are a real treat anytime.


photo by Sadie Laurenti Whitley and Wendy J. D’Agostino

Grilled Peach & Beet Salad with Hazelnut Yogurt Dressing

Serves 6

1 1/2 lbs. beets boiled, peeled and chilled

3 ripe peaches

1 cup vanilla sheep milk yogurt

5 T hazelnuts

1 1/2 tsp lemon juice

grated lemon rind

1/2 tsp sea salt

1 T olive oil

1/4 tsp pepper

2 T chopped cranberries

4 cups dark leafy greens

fresh mint leaves or basil

Prep the beets by cutting the tops & bottoms off and boiling in water until tender. Allow to cool and slip off the skins and chill. Cut in to bite size pieces & sprinkle with 1/4 tsp salt.

Combine yogurt, 3 T chopped hazelnuts, lemon juice and 1/4 tsp salt and blend in food processor. Refrigerate.

Cut peaches in half and remove the pit. Lay face down on an oiled grill until properly marked. Cut in bite size pieces and toss with beets.

To assemble salad, make a bed of greens, Place beet and peach mixture on top of greens and drizzle with dressing. Top with a few dried cranberries and remaining hazelnuts. Garnish with mint or basil leaves.

This final recipe is where land and sea meet in perfect harmony and hormone balance. Hazelnut coconut crusted rock fish offers a perfect protein and omega fatty acids to feed your brain and get hormones firing correctly. Fish is also a heart healthy food and keeps insulin in check. Using hazelnut and coconut creates a gluten-free crispiness and gives your body fiber and added nutrients and minerals.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

photo courtesy of Pinterest

Hazelnut Coconut Crusted Rock Fish

1 cup hazelnut flour

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 1/2 pounds rockfish

1 large egg

2 T coconut oil or MCT oil

Combine hazelnut flour, coconut, salt & pepper in a small bowl and mix.

Rinse fish and pat dry. Cut into 1 inch strips.

Beat the egg in a separate small bowl.

Submerge fish in egg wash and roll in dry mixture.

Heat coconut oil over medium heat in large skillet

Fry fish 2 minutes on each side or until opaque in the center.

All of these recipes and tips are part of a 5 week Hormone Balance Reset Program that I teach. If you want to join the next Hormone program email me at or fill out the form and you can join us for a life changing experience to balance hormones and become a happier, healthier YOU!

Visit my website at and explore all the ways we can work together to bring health into your life and the lives of those you love and care about.